I’ve had experiences where it feels as if a story floated down from the heavens in a gift-wrapped box and my only job was to unwrap the present. Most times writing feels as if I had to beat the hell out of a metaphorical UPS driver who refused to deliver my best ideas. I’m never sure when I wake up what sort of writing day the world will bring, but I don’t particularly enjoy beating UPS drivers, real ones or metaphorical ones.


Chicken Day – A troublesome teenage girl must win a small town’s annual chicken competition in order to save the members of her dysfunctional family.

Chicken Musings:
Great site for learning to raise chickens:

I listened to Brandon Flowers non-stop while writing Chicken Day, especially this song. It’s one of my if-you-could-only-ever-listen-to-one-song-for-the-rest-of-your-life songs. This would be it:

Cordelia – What happens to King Lear’s youngest daughter after she is banished from England? Cordelia reimagines the story of Shakespeare’s tragic heroine.

Shakespeare Musings:
Never read King Lear? What!? It’s time:

What do you mean you’re not going to read it? *Sigh* Fine:

Dog Year – An estranged brother and sister must reconcile in order to save their family’s dying farm.

Dog Musings:
Interesting dog facts? Sure, here you go. Number 11 is particularly disturbing:

I can’t resist the dog shaming web sites. Here’s a good example: